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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ode to Julia

you left your life
so soft and warm
diving headlong into the unknown
like you do

you journeyed to a country far away
met a man
you opened up your mind
grabbed love by her handle
like you do
my julia

you tried all sorts of things
lived all over
you didn't sit around
waiting for your knight
in shining armor
you found him
and you learned to love each other
like you do

once again
you left everything
made your home again
there you found your missing piece
your people
you fell in love again
made up your mind
to be one of them
like you do
my julia

you tried
unfazed by burned crust
eggs on the floor
"never apologize"
you said
you never did
marching on
like you do

people made fun of
your passion
you ignored them
your mind was made up and you
were going to follow your path
like you do
my julia

peculiar describes you perfectly
saying exactly what you thought
in your warbling voice
with your sun-baked personality 
feet never fitting in your bed
you could never fit in
never tried to
you stood tall
threw back your head
laughed at those
who said you couldn't do it
like you do
like you do
my julia

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